Saw logs, logs, timber edging, carriage, Boules, edging lumber - planed timber


Logs, sawn timber, unedged timber, cap, Bulls, lumber, glued structural timber, timber compounds of the castle, glulam, dual-layer scantlings, three-layer glued timber beams connected to the castle, KVH

Tropical wood

Roundwood, sawn timber, edging lumber, carriage, Boules, cutting lumber, planed timber

Pallets, box boards

Timber pallet, pallets, packing

Sliced Veneer, Rotary Cut

Sliced Veneer, Rotary Cut Veneer, scantlings veneer

Glued Panels, engineering, plywood

Plywood, Hardboard Fiberboard, MDF, HDF, OSB, particle board, boards of solid, glued panels, laminated panels spliced

Mouldings, furniture components

Solid Wood, spliced seat elements, glued seat elements, glued window scantlings, glued dverinny beams, bent seat elements, furniture components, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, seat elements, engineered timber, molded from MDF, furniture components, kitchen cabinets, wood wrapped components, molded , profiles, lining, casing, door casings, baseboards, sticks

Flooring, parquet, external decking

Solid wood Flooring, Engineered wood flooring, Multilayered wood flooring, laminated flooring, terassnaya board

Wood, biofuels, forest residues

Wood, pellets, chips, dust, waste

Accessories, impregnation, finished wares

Accessories, Surface treatment and finishing

Finished goods

Wooden houses, frame houses, articles for the garden, arbors, flower pots, benches, doors, windows, stairs


Bedrooms, Living room furniture, dining rooms, nursery, reception, entertainment centers, kitchens, bathroom furniture, garden furniture, office furniture, home furniture, furniture made to order

Used equipment and tools

The equipment for harvesting, processing equipment timber

New equipment and tools

Forest harvesting equipment, primary & woodworking machinery


Forest Services, Woodworking, processing services, transportation services, other services

Businesses for Sale

Businesses for Sale

Labor market, training

Labor market, training

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